Client having treatment

Holistic Therapies - 'Stronger Communities Coordinator' - Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

We deliver a programme that supports families around education, unemployment and health related issues. We decided to pilot a scheme and after speaking to a number of locally based therapists we found Nicky who was able to deliver a service that encompassed what we required. 

We were looking for someone who could deliver holistic therapies but also had a counselling background which would enable her to understand our clients and their needs.

We were very pleased with the service Nicky provided and found her to be professional and responsive to the needs of the clients and completely open and accepting of them all. 

Nicky maintains confidentiality of the clients and has sound procedures in place.

My view is that Nicky is a very good therapist and can cater for all ages, clients referred were aged 16 years and beyond!  The fact that many of the clients continue to have sessions over a year later is in itself testament to Nicky as a counselling professional. 

Full Body Massage - Darren, Doncaster

After suffering with a lot of back complaints and pain for many years due to a prior work accident, I hit a point where I was taking numerous medications that just weren’t working anymore. I was referred to Nicky for a consultation about alternative therapy to see if they would help.

I now see Nicky in Doncaster on a regular basis. The treatment she offers is phenomenal and after each appointment I feel so much better! I am in far less pain, relaxed and completely de-stressed.

I still do a very demanding job both physically and mentally so now rely on my treatment to put things right.

Nicky is a very warm welcoming and friendly professional, very easy to get along with and comfortable to be around. I appreciate everything she does to aid my back pain.

Bowen Therapy - BM (Aged 16)

Bowen therapy is really good, it helps my mind and puts me in a better frame of mind. I feel happier and more relaxed. Bowen has helped me to do things in my life, like be relaxed enough to go to college in Doncaster for a full week, which I was struggling to do. I have confidence to try new things. Nicky is really nice, she likes my cat too! If I don’t have Bowen I feel stressed.

Bowen Therapy - MM (BM’s Mum)

Nicky has been working with my daughter for around two years now. She has tried a few different treatments and has built a fantastic relationship with Nicky as her professional therapist. This in itself is great as she won’t normally engage with professionals, however, Nicky has taken the time to build a trusting relationship with her. 

Most recently my daughter has been having Bowen Therapy and it has made an incredible difference to her mental health. She is calmer and more confident and positive. Her aggression and self-harming are now under control and she is now succeeding in challenges such as taking exams and attending college, both of which seemed impossible before trying this treatment.

Reflexology, Bowen and Reikki therapy

I have been seeing Nicola at her practice in Doncaster for 2 years for therapy to help manage my sciatic pain, knee pain and stress tension. I always come away from my appointment feeling great and my pain reduces a couple of days after my treatments. 

Nicky recently qualified in Bowen Therapy which I initially found to be a weird experience, however I have actually found the treatment to be surprisingly effective in reducing pain levels. I happily recommend Nicky to everyone I meet that mentions experiencing aches and pains.

Reflexology and Bowen Therapy - Nicky (aged 46)

I have been receiving regular therapy and treatments from Nicky for the past 16 years; Reflexology in the main and latterly Bowen.

I have always felt an extremely positive effect, both mentally and physically from Nicky's treatments, which is why I have never felt the need to seek another therapist.

Nicky has a special connection with her clients. She genuinely cares about each and every person who walks through her door, takes the time to find out exactly what they're hoping to achieve and strives to give the best of herself every single time.

I can't recommend her highly enough. She's also awesome at waxing!  

Reflexology - Sharon, Doncaster

After discovering that reflexology therapy was the only thing that worked in treating my severe sciatica  spent years looking for a good practitioner and not someone who offered a light foot massage. 

I struck gold when a friend recommended Nicky, I had finally found a fantastic, truly professional reflexologist.

I now have monthly appointment without fail, never suffer from sciatica and feel completely re-balanced, mentally and physically, after my treatment which also includes 15 minutes of reiki. I would recommend Nicky to anyone suffering from musculo-skeletal or sciatic conditions for pain relief and a great sense of well-being. 

She is based in Doncaster but is easily commutable from Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotheram.

A Warm, Caring and Professional therapist

 Facebook review by Louise Fenton - 18th October 2019

Nicola is a lovely warm and caring person. She is so easy to get along with and she puts you at ease straight away. I’ve had a few treatments with Nicola and it was so relaxing. You can just chill and enjoy knowing you’re in safe, capable hands. Afterwards I felt the treatment had been quite powerful and could feel a difference, I was disappointed it was over!
I would definitely recommend a holistic therapy treatment with Nicola to anyone.

Dramatic results after therapy


Facebook review from Jayne Parker - 17th October 2019

Treatment with this lovely lady is amazing! I had severe pain but after my sessions I feel fantastic, it’s eased dramatically and top-up sessions keep it at bay. I can’t thank this lady enough! Not only for the therapy but for listening and being there when needed. 

Highly recommend Nicky


Facebook review by Gale Yexley Ingram - 3rd October 2019

I've been going to Nicola for quite a while now, I’ve had massages, reiki, reflexology and also Bowen Therapy.         

My first experience with Bowen was quite traumatic, it was relaxing and I felt good, then a couple of days later I had an almighty crack and couldn't move for a few days as I was in agony. I rested up for a while as I was going to Scarborough and needed to get about -  to my amazement I felt so much better after that and was able to walk from one side of Scarborough to the other without any pain at all. Apparently the crack was something clicking back into place, I now go for regular Bowen treatment with a massage in between sessions, I would highly recommend Nicola Fitzwilliam for any of these treatments.  

Everyone should try Bowen


Facebook review by Amy Groves - 3rd July 2019

I was recommended to Nicola around 4 weeks ago and thank goodness. She’s an absolute angel. Since then I have had 3 sessions of Bowen therapy.

After having a C-section 10+ years ago I have been in pain most days with it getting increasingly worse just lately.

I have been under the hospital and sadly they have never been able to help me in anyway.

After my first session with Nicola my pain was reduced massively but I still wasn’t convinced, bearing in mind for around 9 years I have tried many treatments with no avail.  

Well here I am 3 weeks in and have only had one bout of slight pain! I am sold! Nicola is very genuine and has a relaxed, calming personality which makes you feel at complete ease whilst having your treatment.

Everyone should try Bowen it’s a game changer. 

Therapies for mind, body or soul


Becky Simpson recommendation on Facebook  - 17th August 2019

I have been seeing Nikki for a few years now for holistic therapies and she has got me through some horrific times! 

When doctors pumped me full of more pain killers Nikki had alternative therapy solutions, which not only helped me walk again but reduced my stress and anxiety hugely! I don’t think I’d have made it through sometimes without her! 

She is an absolutely amazing lady and is highly recommended and skilled. If you have a problem mind, body or soul give her a call she’s my ‘knightess’ in shining armour 😊

Severe pain had left me with dark thoughts ..


Facebook review by Karen Cartledge  - 18th August 2019

A little over a year ago I started Bowen therapy with Nicola, I was in a bad way having been seen by the crisis team because severe pain had left me with dark thoughts. 

On my first visit Nicola asked relevant medical questions and out of 10 where was my pain level, I replied 12/10 Nicola explained what she would be doing ( leaving the room in accordance with Bowen practice), I had walked in using 2 crutches and needed steps to get onto the couch. After about half hour I really thought this treatment was a wind-up, how could anything this simple work? Was I wasting my money? 

When the session ended Nicola passed me a glass of water as always, helped me down from the couch then asked the same question - what level is your pain? I stood there in total shock looked left then right, my answer? ZERO! 

I walked out with just 1 crutch which I now just use for balance - yes, my pain comes back but not as severe as it used to be. Nicola you are a life saver! My life without you and Bowen, I really don't think I would still be here.