What outcomes might you expect from counselling?


Following the 'person centred' approach to Counselling, Nicola works across the full spectrum helping adults, adolescents and young children and families, offering a professional, private and empathetic therapy experience. 

Counselling can help you cope with a variety of different feelings such as anger, anxiety, shyness or panic by teaching you new ways to think about and deal with situations.

Talking to a neutral professional, trained to listen, will help to give you a greater degree of self awareness and understanding of yourself and others and help you feel better about yourself and who you are.

9 benefits of counselling:

  • See your own thoughts from a different perspective,
  • It’s often a cathartic experience,
  • Time set aside to confront feelings,
  • Couples counselling benefits from a neutral point of view,
  • Helps you feel less alone with your problems, 
  • Helps you to find it easier to cope in everyday life, 
  • Share the burden of your emotions,
  • Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing,
  • Greater degree of self awareness.

Nicky is an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) 

Counselling and Therapy for adults and children

24 year old female - Doncaster, South Yorkshire

I remember my first session of counselling with Nicky in Doncaster, I was  unsure and anxious of what to expect and terrified that I would have to face my problems, but from the moment I sat down with her I knew that this therapy was the best thing for me and I have never looked back. Nicky has been my Counsellor for almost a year now and I’ve achieved and overcome things I never thought I would be able to, I put this mostly down to the work in my sessions. Nicky has always made me feel at ease and comfortable and able to talk about anything in my counselling sessions and I am very grateful. To anyone ever considering counselling ... do it! It will help you in ways you never thought it could.


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